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Terms of Service, Contribution and Standards

Indian informer is a website operated by Bups Enterprise Limited and is registered in England and Wales.

From hereafter “we” means Indian Informer and “users” means you.

References to “The service” means this website and all services provided in conjunction with it.

The details below set out Terms and Conditions on which we will grant you access to the website.

All contributors are required to register, create an account, once approved - ensure passwords are kept secure and not shared with one else.

Users must adhere to code of conduct set out by Indian Informer.

All contributors are entirely responsible for the material they upload.

Maintain privacy and accept liability for any copyright infringement.

We will not accept any Third party material, stories, pictures, videos, links or any material not mentioned in the list unless it has been approved from the original source and credited appropriately

We will have the final approval prior to publication.



Stories to feature – should be relevant and of Interest to the Indian and the wider community in UK and across the world who have an interest in Indian News, culture, arts and heritage.

  1. We welcome community stories featuring events, achievements religious or non-religious events that will be a benefit to the Indian community of UK and wider Indian community across the globe.
  2. We welcome stories from international Indian community.
  3. We welcome stories from any Indian community, sympathisers positively showcasing Indian Arts, heritage and culture.
  4. Stories should be no more than 250 words.
  5. Feature stories no more than 2000 words.
  6. All stories to have a relevant picture. Pictures must be originals and not 3rd parties. We will not be held responsible should you upload pictures that do not belong to you or have permission to use.
  7. Pictures should not be less than 800pixels.
  8. Stories submitted must be of content suitable for all ages. Any material story or picture that is deemed offensive, immoral or deemed unsuitable will not be published. In such circumstances we may require you to resubmit the stories. We reserve the final right to publish.
  9. Only English language acceptable for material postings.
  10. Stories must be legal and libel free.
  11. Professional contributors, freelance journalist, authors, writers and students will need clearance from Indian Informer prior to submission of stories. (Please use contact form to submit request)
  12. Press agencies can email stories to Indian Informer.



By Standards – we mean the following:-

  1. Material posted should be appropriate for all ages and gender.
  2. No Pornographic material, text images, or sexually explicit material to be submitted either on the website or any social media services that we offer access to.
  3. No harassment, defamatory, abusive, hatred, threats of harm to be posted on the website.
  4. No indirect advertising, pyramid schemes or unauthorised commercial activity.
  5. No links can be provided to any distasteful, harmful, immoral websites.
  6. Disruptive behaviour, stalking and any such activity we reserve the rights to to release information to the relevant authorities as and when required.
  7. We welcome contributors of all ages and gender to express their stories, photos and views.
  8. No vulgar stories, posts, photos or material that can be deemed to cause offence or racial hatred.
  9. We do not pay for any contributions or reviews.
  10. Accounts must be created to log in and to contribute stories.
  11. Names and Passwords must be secure and not shared with any other individuals or organisations.
  12. No one can pose for and on behalf Indian Informer for personal advantage, receive gifts or personal favours.
  13. No material can be reproduced from the website without the express written consent from Indian informer or be used for personal or monetary gain.
  14. In circumstances of any such breaches listed above – we will not be held liable.



  1. All content presented on indianinformer.com is for information only and has been provided in good faith and without prejudice. Whilst every effort is made to update information on regular basis, no guaretees, assurances or endorsements may be tendered either by indianinformer.com, its operators, owners and/or its partners.
  2. All advertisements and third-party content displayed has been provided in good faith. However, any such material does not represent our endoresement or recommendation by any definition. Users must make their own enquiries, decisions and take appropriate advice as and when necessary.
  3. indianinformer.com is a content-driven website with numerous authors contributing their work to the portal. All work submitted on this website remains the responsibility of its contributor(s). Indianinformer.com takes no responsibility whatsoever for any aspects, whether positive or otherwise of the content submitted and published on the website.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, all Content listed herein, is copyright protected and property of their respective owners.
  5. Any presentation or expression of opinion or views on the website or social media does not imply the expression and opinion of Indian Informer.
  6. Any material appearing on this website may only be reporduced, copied, disseminated, represented, shared or otherwise used with explicit prior permission from the website authorities. This includes sharing of the material provided on this website using means other than those provided on this website.

Use of Personal Data

Indian informer stores very little personal data only your email and your name.  We also use Cookies.

What are Cookies :-  http://www.whatarecookies.com/

Terms of Contribution and Service are likely to be updated on regular basis and we would recommend you to view as and when deemed appropriate. We will always keep our contributors up to date with any such information.







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