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Why Indian Women Are Turning Down Grooms

Written by  Saturday, 09 April 2016 23:40
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Why Indian Women Are Turning Down Grooms Image Courtsey: BBC (Kirtish Bhatt)

Too drunk, can't add: Why some Indian women are rejecting grooms

This story originally appeared on the BBC website, Written by Geeta Pandey - on a visit to her village in Uttar Prdaesh. Life is not what it once seemed, when it comes to getting young women married.

Winds of change seem to be finally blowing in the state - in recent months, young women have turned down grooms they've found to be unfit for a variety of reasons.

Just to name a few, we list some unorthodox ones below:

"Too Drunk"

"Cant Do Maths"

"Sick Groom"

Perhaps this is the start of a new revolution where it's not just the girl and her parents who are under immense pressure of getting it all right on the day.  

Full story here

Source: BBC/news/world/asia/India



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