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Is there a Link Between Lord Shiva and Mona Lisa?

Written by  Friday, 15 July 2016 17:18
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Well, its seems that physicists in Mumbai may have unlocked a mystery!

A study by physicists Vijay Singh and Praveen Pathak from the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education has found link between Lord Shiva and Mona Lisa

The ratio of beauty appears in an old painting of Lord Shiva in Bihar

Their paper was published in the prestigious European Journal of Physics

While staring at a folk painting of Lord Shiva in Bhojpur, Bihar, the two physicists were struck by the fact that the crescent moon which adorned Shiva's head resembled a circle removed from a larger circle, with the ratio of their diameters close to 1.618, which is a rounding off of the golden ratio. It wasn't mere coincidence either.Their study suggests that the number repeatedly occurs in a class of problems involving an object's centre of mass (roughly speaking, the point where all of the mass of the object is concentrated) and may be omnipresent.

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Story Source:- Times of India

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