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Written by  Sunday, 17 July 2016 11:23
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India Dance Wales India Dance Wales Image Courtsey: India Dance Wales

Performed by the students of India Dance Wales, this annual showcase incorporates all Shishyas of all ages, abilities and backgrounds coming together for an exciting gala event.


Age-old majestic trees stood, swaying in the background as if joining in to watch the many puranas/legends enacted by all who participated in the exquisite unique style of Indian classical dance, on Sunday 10th 2016. The weather was kind and except for a brief instance of rain-drops,   not that it would have dampened any spirit; the show would have carried on. An image of Lord Nataraj, Lord of Dance with two traditional brass-lamps, was set high in the background.

For me it was quite a spiritual experience, watching the plays of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and other aspects of the Divine, so vividly brought to life. The whole troupe presented a spectacular show bringing to life age-old narratives.

I was there, supporting my granddaughter, Shivani Devi and enjoyed the entire team coming together incorporating Sishyas/students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds for this exotic gala event in Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival in Sophia Gardens. The superb Sishya Show was followed by an equally splendid performance of the legendary Shankutala. 


Thank You to Gurus Kiran Ratna and Megan Lloyd of India Dance Wales.

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Sarada Thompson

Sarada is an Indian artist and writer, resident in the U.K. since 1973 and in Wales since 1990. Born in Singapore she worked as a journalist for local newspapers. In England, she spent the next two decades raising a family, writing for local weeklies during this time.

Sarada has exhibited her artwork at numerous venues in England and Wales, Ireland and Australia and has offered story-telling workshops through art, drama, writing in schools and in mental health groups. Her work draws upon great Hindu classics, the multi-cultural influences of her background, life experiences and travels.

Sarada has won awards for her work in mini-tales in the National Association of Writers’ Groups in Durham, and won Travel and President’s awards in the local writers’ circle, and has had short stories published in both the University’s Anthology ‘Shadow Plays’ in 2010 and more recently in the writing group anthologies.

Sarada was awarded her Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Trinity St David Carmarthen; University of Wales in 2012. The first 20,000 words of ‘The Neem Tree,’ formed her dissertation, titled ‘Outcaste.’







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