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Written by  Sunday, 10 July 2016 13:00
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His Holiness Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza will be visiting Leicester for 8 days from July 26th – 2nd August 2016, at Rushey Mead recreation grounds, Melton Road, Leicester.


Leicester will see the influx of devotees from around the world as the Saint will be spreading his message on love, peace and harmony along with serving mankind.  His Holiness also known as Pujya Bhaishri will be reciting from the Shrimad Bhagvatam, a Holi Hindu Scripture.

The organisers of the event named ‘Krishna Speaks’ are making provisions for the elderly, disabled  and the young alike, ensuring that we  can all come together and enjoy a 8-day festival and be in close proximity of the saint.

Priti Raichura, spokesperson from the organising team ‘ Krishna Speaks’ explains "We are working with the multi-agency statutory teams to ensure we make this event accessible  for everyone, there is nothing better than having the young and the elderly coming together on one platform to celebrate, love  peace and spiritual harmony."

The organisers are encouraging young people to come forward in a run up to the event asking them to adopt a grandparent over the 8-days.  The scheme will enable young people to help look after the needs of the elderly during the festival, and at the same time listen to the recital and enjoy the event too.

Dina Mistry, a young professional from Leicester is overwhelmed with the opportunity of adopting a grandparent.  She enthuses "I think this is a great opportunity to enable us to serve our respected elders and welcome them to this once in a life time Katha. It is going to be an  amazing event, I’ll definitely be adopting a grandparent over the 8 day Katha."

The idea of adopting a grandparent arose after the organisers visited a few care homes to invite them to attend the event. Dipak Lakhani: Managing Director of Pauls Fruit and Veg, and one of the sponsors of this recital describes "Hinduism promotes serving our respected elders, and we thought it would be nice for the younger generation to help serve the elderly during the 8-days to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. The youth will also benefit from potentially developing and establishing a long standing bond with them. We hope that the youth continue to meet these individuals in their care homes and spend time with as they would after the 8 day Katha.”

For more information on the event click here...

For more information on His Holiness Rameshbhai Oza visit –

The event will take place from 26th July 2016 – 2nd August 2016, and will run from 3pm – 7pm daily.  It will be broadcast around the world via satellite TV.

Maha prasad will be served each day after the event.

Please contact our press contact, Priti Raichura on 07866 727 181 for any enquiries.

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