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Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper

Written by  Sunday, 22 May 2016 14:09
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Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper Image by: Art Of Living

Meditation 2.0 – Go Deeper

The tour entitled “Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper” will see Sri Sri address the greater power of meditation and the next level of well being. The ease and depth of these events will resonate as much with beginners as with advanced practitioners. The tour will start in Manchester, Leicester, Edinburgh and culminate in London at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 19th June 2016.

After 10 years waiting, Guruji will be back in the UK in only 1 months’ time! This is now real – so do whatever you can to be part: come along, take part, help spread the word – whatever you can do. With us all working together we’re going to pull off the most amazing tour. Our aim is to put Guruji in front of as many people as possible, create real momentum for change and talk about this for years to come.

At Sri Sri’s Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper UK events, he will guide the audience through one of his much-esteemed meditations, silencing the auditoriums as thousands experience it live. The events will also include Satsang (Sanskrit chanting) from the Art of living repertoire and interactive sessions where audience members will be given the opportunity to pose questions to Sri Sri and enjoy his profound and often humorous answers.

For more information and booking details please visit the website :- or click here.

Article Courtesy :- Kalpa and Art Of Living Website

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